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Onion Harvest!

Here's The Man, harvesting our two rows of onions. Onions are ready to harvest when the green stems lay down on the ground.

On a side note... the pitchfork he's using to loosen the soil came with our rental. It's a complete piece of garbage. Every time he pulled the pitchfork out of the ground, the handle would come off. By the time, he was done with these two rows, he was incredibly frustrated with the tool.

These are our fully harvested onions. They're small this year, but considering we got zero onions last year, I'm happy with our little harvest. Each new year in this rental is a learning process.

Since onions have to cure before they can be brought inside, we threaded them through our chain link fence. This allowed for airflow to ensure a good cure on the onions.

All our onions all hung up. And some lawn weeds for your enjoyment. Please disregard The Man's shop in the background, it's a constant state of annoyance for me too.

Close up on the 2021 onion harvest.

We made a tarp tent over the onions just in case we got any rain, har har. It's been a terribly hot and dry summer here. Plus, onions are supposed to cure in a shaded place, and there was no good place in our yard to do that. So we made one.

The onions cured for about a week before we had a chance to take them down and hang them in the indoor porch for winter storage. Here's The Man working on hanging all our onions. I was on the couch recovering from a medical procedure.

What kind of gardening are you doing this year? We'll have more gardening posts as things become ready for harvesting. Stay tuned!!

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1 Comment

Ariel Ann
Ariel Ann
Sep 02, 2021

One of my garden harvest goals is to someday grow enough garlic to do one of those giant garlic braids 😅. With the amount of garlic we go through, why not make it aesthetic?

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