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Everything Bagel Chicken Nugget Salad

Between the Panko and the Everything Bagel Seasoning, these are some CRUNCHY chicken nuggets.

1/4 cup Flour

2 large Eggs

1 cup Panko Breadcrumbs

2 tablespoons Everything Bagel Seasoning

1 pound Chicken (either white meat tenders, or thighs chopped into nugget size pieces)

1/4 cup Canola Oil

Salad Greens

Additional Salad Toppings of your choice.

Salad Dressing

  1. Place Flour in a shallow dish.

  2. In a second shallow dish, beat Eggs.

  3. In a third shallow dish, mix Panko and Everything Bagel Seasoning.

  4. Heat Oil over medium-high heat.

  5. Dredge Chicken first in the Flour, then the Egg, then the Panko mix.

  6. Add the Chicken to the hot Oil.

  7. Cook, turning once, until golden brown, and an instant-read thermometer reads 165°.

  8. Remove the Chicken to a baking sheet with a wire rack to let any excess oil drip off.

  9. Serve on a bed of Greens, and any additional salad ingredients you desire.

  10. Top with Salad Dressing of your choice.

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