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Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

Remember when I said I had a way to use up those Oven BBQ Chicken leftovers?? Well, this is it. Be warned though... The Man and I are definitely not subscribers to the "pineapple doesn't belong on pizza" camp. If you are, feel free to omit that step, but I think the pineapple plays REALLY well with the tangy sauce and the peppery onion.

Ingredient List: 1 13.8oz Tube Pizza Dough 1 bottle BBQ Sauce (I used what was leftover from the Oven BBQ Chicken) 1/4 Red Onion 1 Can Pineapple chunks (You won't use the whole can...) Leftover Oven BBQ Chicken (I had 3 thighs left) Cheese of your choice (I used Mozarella)

  1. Heat oven to 400 degrees.

  2. Grease a large cookie sheet.

  3. Unroll tube of dough onto cookie sheet. Form to desired thickness and shape.

  4. Prebake dough for 8 minutes.

  5. Whole dough is par-baking, prepare remaining toppings. Finely dice onions, remove chicken from bones (I discarded the skin as well), and open can of pineapple.

  6. Remove dough from oven, and smear with BBQ Sauce.

  7. Top with thin layer of cheese (this helps the other toppings stick).

  8. Add additional toppings (in this case, finely diced red onion, torn chicken, pineapple, and MORE CHEESE).

  9. Bake pizza for an additional 8 minutes.

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