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Sausage and Pirogies w/ Kraut

Looking for a quick skillet dinner you can make any weeknight? Try this Sausage & Pirogies w/ Kraut.

Ingredients List:

1 Round Sausage (diced into coins)

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1 pound package Pirogies

16oz Jar Sauerkraut

4 tablespoons Spicy Brown Mustard

  1. In a frying pan over medium heat, brown Sausage coins on each side.

  2. Remove from pan.

  3. Add Olive Oil.

  4. When Olive Oil starts to shimmer, add Pirogies.

  5. Brown lightly on each side.

  6. Add Sauerkraut and Mustard.

  7. Stir gently so as not to break up the Pirogies.

  8. Add Sausage back to the pan.

  9. Stir gently to combine everything.

  10. Serve hot.

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