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Ratatouille Rice

This casserole-esque dinner was a wonderful take on Ratatouille. It was even better the second day, after all the flavors had time to really meld. Course I covered it in melty cheese, so that probably helped as well.

Ingredients List

1/3 cup Olive oil

1 medium eggplant (chopped)

1 medium red onion (chopped)

1 bell pepper

2 small zucchini's (chopped)

4 cloves garlic

1/2 cup Basil Leaves (torn)

1 1/2 cups Long Grain Rice

1 (14 oz) can Cherry Tomatoes

2 cups Vegetable Stock

  1. Add 1/3 cup oil to large frying pan.

  2. Add Eggplant, Onion, Bell Pepper, and Zucchini to large frying pan.

  3. Saute till crisp soft.

  4. Add Tomatoes, and Vegetable Stock.

  5. Stir to combine.

  6. Add Long Grain Rice.

  7. Stir to wet rice.

  8. Add Basil.

  9. Reduce heat, cover frying pan and simmer rice to desired doneness and until stock is mostly absorbed.

  10. Serve with optional goat cheese and additional basil leaves.

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