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Nacho Salad

This is quite possibly one of the most unattractive recipes in my cookbook, but it's so good, I overlook how ugly it is. It's also super fast to make, and incredibly filling.

Ingredients List:

1 pound Hamburger

1 150z can Tomato Sauce

1 15oz can Beans (Kidney, Pinto or Black at your preference)

1 4oz can Sliced Olives (optional)

1 package Taco Seasoning (or bulk equivalent)

1 Head of Iceberg Lettuce

1 2-Cup package of Shredded Cheese (I like a Mexican Blend for this)

1 Bag of Corn Chips (I like Tostitos Scoops, but any corn chip will do.)

Salsa & Ranch Dressing (for garnish)

  1. In a large skillet, on medium-high heat, brown the hamburger.

  2. While hamburger browns, chop the lettuce into bite-size pieces and add to separate large bowl. (You'll need room for mixing, so make sure it's a large bowl.)

  3. Layer 1/2 the lettuce, and 1 Cup of Shredded Cheese, then the other 1/2 the lettuce, and the remaining cup of cheese in your large mixing bowl.

  4. Drain fat from hamburger if necessary.

  5. Add Tomato Sauce, Beans, Olives, and Taco Seasoning, mix thoroughly, and simmer till hot.

  6. Dump hamburger/tomato mixture over lettuce and cheese.

  7. Mix carefully with tongs till cheese melts and all the ingredients are fully incorporated.

  8. Serve on a bed of corn chips, garnished with salsa and ranch dressing.

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